My name is Thomas Casta, I'm in the PUNKROCKNROLLHIPHOP band Hollywood Sekks since 2005, I'm the last former member. I've had my art license in 2011 @ the art school of Toulon and next I've moved at the art school of Aix en Provence, now I am in 5th year. I'm the secretary of the association Texan Provence (located in Aix en Provence).

My work is a huge mix between things that I used to like during my childhood (Cartoons, games, movies, TV, trading cards, internet's early years, jokes, hoax calls), and stuff that I like now (Songs, parties, movies, series, girls, issues, concerts, adult stuff). I try to put all these things in my work. I wrote a lot of stories that I adapted in different support >> 

Lyrics - Short movies - Music - Sound pieces - Text - ...
All these stories are inspired by my own life, even when I create characters or when I talk about U.F.Os, I pick up things that I live and distort and overdone them. I take ordinary stuff and I put it into cinematographic context. It's a work of collecting, memories and staging. I also like to use some classic songs of pop culture, musicals, and urban legends to use and put them in another context. I like telling stories I like weird stuff that i've seen on TV when I was younger "Television was my teacher" I try to recover all these things in my shit !

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